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Ashlee Harry fell in love with Greek mythology years ago and has jumped in head first to research and reimagine the classic tales. She is a graduate from Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. in English and a minor in Business. She recently graduated from Wilkes University with her MFA in Creative Writing and MA in Fiction, where she reimagined the tales of Hades, Persephone, Apollo, and Artemis for her novel, Awakening Fate. She is a current resident of Northeastern, Pennsylvania with her fiancé and two rescue dogs, Wyatt and Juniper. Her writing career began with the Guardians trilogy – The GuardiansAscension, and Legacy

Starry Sky


Welcome to the world of the Guardians, where we never fear the unknown and embrace our legacy!

Full Moon

Awakening Fate

Protecting our world from the clutches of darkness are the Guardians that live hidden among us.

Recently ascended Guardian, Liam Mitchell is ready for his own adventure and desperate to get out of his mother’s shadow. On Delos Island, the modern day Artemis and Apollo help keep the world from collapsing in darkness, but Liam simply calls them Mom and Uncle Jake. When an opportunity comes to help Delos’ sister island, Hermione, Liam is assigned to teach their younger generation the history of the Guardians. But when love unexpectedly blossoms on the island, it causes something in the shadows to stir.

Liam’s dreams reveal visions of a man with a diamond stare and a girl with hair as bright as the sun. While Liam navigates his visions, his mother and uncle are piecing together possible futures of darkness descending on Hermione as old enemies awaken. When signs of the Old Powers come to the Guardians attention, it becomes a race against time as their enemies arise. Liam must choose between becoming the Guardian he was trained to be or the destiny that has been locked within him.

Will a centuries old enemy bring the world under their devastating reign, or will Liam unlock the secret within the shadows to save his world?

Available Upon Request


Jake and Laura Adams, the chosen ones of Apollo and Artemis, find that they are no longer the same after their battle with Eddie, the leader of the Filii Tenebrarum. When the balance between the light and dark was threatened, Laura sacrificed herself to restore it. Jake, the Apollon, knows that his sister is alive and is determined to find her and bring her home. Just as determined as Jake, Laura, the Artemisia, is on her own path to destroy the Guardians and everything they represent. Laura is lost within the darkness of the Old Powers and she has no hope of escape. Can Jake and all their friends save Laura before the darkness wins or will the Artemisia destroy everything and everyone she loves? The Guardians trilogy comes to an end as the chosen ones of Artemis and Apollo find out if darkness can destroy the world they are destined to protect.



Jake and Laura Adams just had their lives turned completely upside down. After they discover that they were the chosen ones of Artemis and Apollo with powers to control fire and water, these siblings no longer know the meaning of normal. After fighting against the leader of the Filii Tenebrarum, Jake and Laura now find themselves living on Delos Island, home of the guardians. Their new life now focuses on controlling their powers, learning the daily life of a Guardian, and finding out what happened to their parents. Daily threats and taunts from the Filii Tenebrarum plague the twins as tension grows between Jake and Laura. Can they overcome their own differences to save the ones they love, or will they be consumed by the darkness in the end?

The Guardians

When twin brother and sister, Laura and Jake Adams, find themselves suddenly moving to Aria, California, their ordinary lives are soon left behind. As they start to establish themselves into their manor home, they soon discover a secret surrounding their family. Their parents refuse to tell them what they know, but their strange dreams are ready to reveal the truth. As they begin to discover the powers they can wield, the Guardians and the Filii Tenebrarum are desperately searching for them. Will the powers they possess be enough to protect them, or will the darkness consume them in the end?

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